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Coco Beans Candy and Cupcakes Menu


At Coco Beans Candy and Cupcakes, we know that the key to happiness is sugar! That’s why we’ve spent years crafting the perfect sweets for you to enjoy. Whether you're in the mood for cupcakes, candy or chocolates, we’ve got something for everyone. Order for pickup or delivery today and see what all the fuss is about!

Turtles & Doodles

Milk or dark chocolate Pecan or cashew

Truffles and Creams

Milk chocolate Dark chocolate Hazelnut Buckeyes milk or dark Cappuccino Peppermint dark Cherry Orange milk or dark Raspberry dark Strawberry Lemon Key lime Mocha Vanilla milk or dark Maple Blueberry


Cherries milk and dark,, Coconut bon bon milk or dark, Nutty buddy, Toffee milk or dark, Dark salted caramel,l milk caramel, toffee bark milk or dark, marshmallow, milk, dark, and sprinkles, Junk food bark, Kitchen sink milk or dark, Brutus buckeye, Graham crackers, plain or sprinkles, Solid squares m/w/dk, Pretzel Twists Toffee, m/w/dk M&M m/w Sprinkled m or w Chocolate chip Peanut butter chips Reese’s pieces milk or white Plain m, w, or dk, Pretzel Rods Milk, dark or white Plain or sprinkled, Covered Oreos Milk, dark or white Plain or sprinkled


Peanuts milk or dark cashews milk or dark pecans milk or dark almond dark Haystack milk and dark Rocky road


Champagne dark peanut butter milk salted peanut butter dark mint milk and dark

Packaged chocolate novelties

2 pk Oreos, 2 pk pretzel rods, various kinds 3 pk Oreos 3 pk pretzel rods Rice crispy treats m/w Giant turtles, pecan or cashew Candy bars various kinds.

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