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Coco Beans Candy and Cupcakes

Easter Candy and Bakery

 2020 order form

Call: 419-332-0420, Message us on Facebook, or email order to cocobeans@att.net

Orders may be picked up any day from now until  April 11th


Chocolate Suckers: $1.29-$2.99( Milk or White)                                           “Deviled Eggs”( White Chocolate) $1.29 Each

Chocolate Bunnies:                                                                                    Chocolate covered Oreo’s

                4oz. Bunny $3.99 milk, Dark, or White                                                        2pk Oreo’s: milk or White $2.49

                6oz. Bunny $4.99 Milk or white                                                                  3 pk Oreo’s: one each mk, dk, Wh. $2.99

                9oz long ear bunny $7.99 Milk or White                                                      Bunny Face Oreo: Milk or White. $2.99

Chocolate Crosses                                                                                     Chocolate Covered Pretzels

                Small ( 2oz.) $1.99 mk, dk, wh                                                                    2pk pretzels $2.49. Milk or Dark

                Large (8 oz.) $7.99 mk, dk, wh                                                                    3 pk Pretzels $2. 99 one each mk, dk, wh   

                Cross Pretzel 2 pk. mk or wh                                                      Nutter butters:

Rice Crispy Treats                                                                                                      Chicks: White chocolate 2pk $2.49

                Carrot shaped ( White chocolate) $2.49                                                      Bunnies: milk Chocolate 2pk $2.49

                Bunny face ( milk chocolate) $2.49                                             Coconut birds nest: $1.49

Bunny Grahms: $1.99 mk chocolate                                                            Rice Crispy birds nest $1.49

Easter Marshmallow Pop. $2.49 mk, or wh                                                  Edible Chocolate Easter Basket filled with treats $15.99

Filled Eggs: $3.99 each                                                                               Bagged goodies. All 8 oz bags

                Milk or Dark Mint Melt-a-Way                                                                    Peanut Lovers Mix, $2.99

                Coconut Cream Eggs ( mk or dk)                                                                 Easter assorted Taffy $1.99

                 Milk Peanut butter Melt-a-Way                                                                 Bunny Tracks Mix $2.99

                Dk Salted Peanut butter Melt-a-Way                                                          Gummy Eggs $1.99

                Milk Caramel Egg                                                                                      Gummy bunnies $1.99

                Dk Sea salt Caramel Egg                                                                             Gummy Bunnies Sanded $1.99

                Marshmallow Cream Egg                                                                           Jelly Beans: $1.99

                Cashew turtle Egg (mk or dk)                                                                                      regular

                Pecan turtle egg ( mk or dk)                                                                                       Sour

                Kitchen Sink egg (mk or dk)                                                                                        Licorice

                Raspberry cream egg (dk)                                                                                          spiced

                Maple cream egg (mk)                                                                               Pre-made Easter Baskets

Easter Cut out Cookies $15.00 per dozen                                                                                 Range in Price from $4.99 and up.

Easter Cupcakes        $2.50 each                                                                                               Please call the store for pricing , we also do

Easter Cupcakes        $13.00 Per ½ dozen                                                                                   Custom baskets.

                                $25.00 per  dozen